Residents First: Effective, Efficient and Accessible Operations

Ramsey County will drive improvements in service delivery and facilities, with an emphasis on engaging residents and employees, process efficiency, technology, and accessible facilities.

Why this is a priority

Ramsey County is committed to be a resident-centered organization that delivers effective and efficient services that meet and exceed the expectations of the community and are accessible, welcoming, and efficient from the perspective of the resident. Service delivery and facilities of the future will be streamlined, refined and expanded with input received directly from the resident and customer, informed by experience and expertise of empowered employees, and enabled by technology. Facilities will be re-designed to offer a better resident experience including co-locating to allow for more services at a single location.

Building on previous work and lessons learned

A Residents First program will be put in place that expands on the current Information and Public Records Service Team’s Modernization Program. The Residents First program will engage with all service teams and departments and will be an outcome-focused, multi-year program that collaboratively and cohesively makes changes towards our Residents First outcomes. Building on the current Modernization Program’s approach, the Residents First Program will conduct enterprise-wide analysis of operations to find gaps and overlaps in how services are provided, work directly with residents that use our services to include their input in recommended changes, and engage our employees and make changes to improve the employee experience. The 2018 Accessible Service Delivery & Facilities Action Plan reviewed the facilities planning that has been completed to date and proposed options for continued planning; these options have been presented to the County Board and will be further elaborated on and implemented as part of the Residents First Program.

Ensure racial equity is applied

Normalizing racial equity is a key outcome of the Residents First Delivery Program.  As processes, practices, technology, and facilities are improved and upgraded, and as services are redesigned to make them more accessible, residents particularly those from communities most in need of county services and are disproportionately communities of color in Ramsey County, must be intentionally included in authentic community engagement and partnership efforts, from development to implementation, to ensure that all residents have equitable and fair access to services.

Goals supported

Well-being, prosperity, opportunity and accountability