Effective Efficient Accessible Operations

Residents First: Effective, Efficient & Accessible Operations

Ramsey County will center residents to meet the needs of community and ensure that county services, applications, and programs are inclusive, accessible, efficient and provided with exemplary service. 

Why this is a priority

Given a dynamically changing social environment and rapidly changing workforce, Ramsey County is committed to being a resident-centered organization that is flexible, nimble and adaptable where we center people to meet the needs of community and our workforce. Building off lessons learned from the pandemic and remote service delivery, Ramsey County will accelerate its modernization program and incorporate the Accessible Service Delivery & Facilities Action Plan in redesigning, modernizing and streamlining county services to provide more resources at a single location; provide more options where residents can access county services at service centers, community sites or digitally; and  provide better wayfinding of county systems through onsite and virtual navigators to more effectively deliver services for residents and limit the number of times residents are passed across county systems.


Racial equity and shared power

Under this priority, Ramsey County will focus on creating an environment that advances racial, health and digital equity. This requires continued engagement and shared community power, equity strategy management, culturally specific enhancement, site visits and resident skills development so that all residents have an opportunity to thrive. We will include communities that are most in need and disproportionately impacted, which continue to be our racially and ethnically diverse communities.

Key actions and projects

The Residents First Program conducted an enterprise-wide analysis of operations to find gaps and overlaps in how services are provided, worked directly with residents to include their input in recommended changes and engaged employees to improve the resident and employee experience. The following actions will be specifically implemented in 2022-23:

Return to office continuity

Maintain continuity and efficiency of county-wide services during all three phases of the return to office environment for staff employees.

Streamline service delivery

Streamline and realign service delivery at service centers, community or partner sites, or digitally.

Advance digital equity

Advance digital equity by ensuring that residents have access to devices, internet access and resources so that they can develop skills and resources in a digital world.

Solve resident needs

Identify resident-facing capabilities and orchestrating strategies to solve resident needs and pain points in our systems. The capabilities include eligibility and enrollment; case management; document and workflow management; content management; and being intentional in the design and impact of resident experiences by reducing barriers and complexities.

Outcomes and measures

Performance metrics toward ensuring all residents have equitable and fair access to services include:

  • Expanding services closer to residents and growing partnerships with community organizations.
  • Reducing language barriers and bridging the digital divide through digital equity work.
  • Minimizing wait times in phone calls, document process and in person experiences.
  • Developing surveys and resident feedback for non-voluntary county services.

Visit our Service Centers

Ramsey County Service Centers offer in-person assistance with a wide range of county services including Navigator assistance, computer access and secure document drop-off sites.

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