Environmental Service Center

The county is building a new Environmental Service Center to make it easier for residents to reduce waste, reuse and recycle.

The site, 1700 Kent Street, Roseville, is centrally located to increase accessibility. Services at the center will include:

  • Household hazardous waste and electronics drop off.
  • A free product reuse room.
  • Space for Fix-It Clinics and other environmental education and activities. 

The center is part of Enhancing Environmental Health Services, a county initiative to redesign and add recycling and waste disposal services to better meet community needs.

Service center overview

Watch this video to learn more about plans for the Environmental Service Center. 

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Ramsey County evaluated how it provides household hazardous waste services in 2020. After analyzing feedback from community, the county is making plans to restructure its programs to better serve residents.

Residents said they wanted a year-round, accessible household hazardous waste (HHW) program. The county is redesigning its HHW program to be anchored in a new Environmental Service Center the county will build.  

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About the site

In selecting a proposed site, the county looked for a central location close to a major road, approximately five acres in size, and that didn’t require substantial costs for demolition of existing structures.

Since Ramsey County is nearly fully developed, there were few available sites that met all these criteria and our goal for accessibility and health equity. The site at 1700 Kent Street in Roseville is the location identified that best meets all these needs. 

The county conducted a traffic assessment to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding area – assessment pointed to an anticipated 3% increase traffic along Larpenteur in the area.

While Ramsey County anticipates the need to remove the non-native, aging evergreen trees along Larpenteur, the county intends to replant with adaptive, native species. More trees will be replanted at the site than removed.

Learn more about tree removal at the site.

Funding source

Funding will come from the county's solid waste fund balance which must be spent on Solid Waste Plan strategies. Dollars for the fund are generated by the County Environmental Charge (CEC), which has trash-hauling service fees of 28% for residential customers and 53% for non-residential customers. Ongoing operations cost will be built into the Environmental Health division budget.

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Plans for a new Environmental Service Center are in development. 

  • The planned project was presented at a county board workshop and approved. 
  • 1700 Kent Street in Roseville is the planned location.
  • A series of open houses were held for the community to provide feedback, ask questions and learn more about this project.
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2023 or spring 2024.

Read summaries of past engagement.

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Ramsey County marked an important milestone on our community's path toward a more sustainable future Tuesday, Nov. 14, with a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Environmental Service Center.

Environmental Service Center Groundbreaking

Proposed designs

Environmental Service Center proposed designs

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