Inmate Property

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When an individual is booked into the Adult Detention Center following their arrest, personal property, clothing, and jewelry are inventoried and stored. 

Picking up inmate property

Inmates may release their personal property to an authorized friend or family member. In order to pick up an inmate’s property, the inmate must complete a property release form in advance. Only the person designated by the inmate on the property release form may pick up the property. Valid state or federally issued photo identification must be presented at the time the property is picked up.

Inmate property can be picked up 24 hours a day at the Adult Detention Center (425 Grove Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota) public lobby window.

Transfers to other institutions

If an inmate is transferred to any other correctional facility all property and funds are transferred with the inmate.

An exception to this procedure is when an inmate is transferred to the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The Minnesota Department of Corrections only accepts the transfer of limited property and funds. The Adult Detention Center will hold any excess property for 30 days. Property that is not picked up within those 30 days will be destroyed. 

Jury trial clothing and other items

If an inmate is scheduled for jury trial, two sets of clothing to be worn during court hearings will be accepted. Jury trial clothing may be exchanged on a one-for-one basis as needed.

Other clothing may be brought to the Adult Detention Center for inmates only if the inmate has made prior arrangements. 

The Adult Detention Center will not accept any other property for inmates.