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Correctional Officer Academies

Ensuring that our facilities are staffed with prepared, professional, and well-trained employees is a priority. New Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer recruits complete over 250 hours of training as part of our Correctional Officer Academy. Training consists of classroom, practical, and field activities and exercises that prepare our recruits to operate capably, safely, and humanely in the Adult Detention Center.

In 2017, the Sheriff's Office conducted six separate Correctional Officer Academies that prepared over 70 new Correctional Officers for service.


We believe public safety agencies should reflect the communities they serve, and we demonstrate that belief in our recruitment and hiring practices. In 2017 alone, we hired over 115 new employees throughout the Sheriff's Office, represented by 53% being women and people of color. Our Adult Detention Center is the first jail facility in the State of Minnesota to be staffed by a majority of members who represent diverse populations.

Work/Life Balance

In an concerted effort to establish a better work/life balance for correctional staff, who historically worked schedules that permitted only one weekend off every five weeks, we implemented an innovative new scheduling system in October 2017. This system offers a variety of schedule choices to our staff to ensure their careers are also balanced with time for family, friends, education, and personal endeavors. The schedule also ensures that the Adult Detention Center remains fully staffed on all shifts, which has improved both staff and inmate safety and staff morale.

Narcan Training

In response to a nationwide and local surge in opioid abuse and overdoses, we implemented a training program for correctional staff in the use and administration of Narcan, an opioid antidote. Narcan is now quickly available to render aid to recent arrivals in our jail and to prevent potential overdose deaths.