Chaplaincy Corps

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The Ramsey County Sheriff Chaplaincy Corps is a volunteer organization that assists citizens and law enforcement personnel by offering spiritual support and pastoral assistance to persons confronted with crisis experiences. This group of ordained or ecclesiastically certified, trained, and endorsed clergy persons serve law enforcement and support personnel, their families, and the citizens of the communities whose public safety service agencies are dispatched through the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center.

First established in 1991 as the North Suburban Police Chaplaincy Corps, this organization was provided Sheriff's Office oversight in 2013. 

The Chaplaincy Corps serves as a community and public safety resource available to all of Ramsey County. Services are provided through partnerships with law enforcement agencies in Ramsey County. 


Ramsey County Sheriff Chaplaincy Corps members must be ordained or church certified ministers of recognized churches or religious institutions, appointed to chaplaincy by local authorities, endorsed by their religious groups, have experience in pastoral ministry, and adhere to the Canons of Chaplains Ethics. In addition, members must also complete and pass background checks.