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Bridging communities: Phoebe McGowan joins Ramsey County Parks as Cultural Liaison

Woman smiling in photoRamsey County Parks and Recreation is proud to announce the appointment of Phoebe McGowan as the department’s new Cultural Liaison. McGowan's role is dedicated to bridging the gap between the county's parks and its Black, Indigenous and people of color communities, advocating for their values, interests and needs within the park system.

Although Ramsey County is the smallest and most racially diverse county in MN, there remains a gap in racially and ethnically diverse resident visitation and program participation. McGowan’s mission is to dismantle these barriers by fostering sustainable relationships with Black, Indigenous, people of color communities, including immigrant organizations and recognizing the unique, culturally specific interests these communities have in nature and outdoor activities.

“(Re)connecting Black, Indigenous and people of color to Ramsey County Parks affirms their right to exist, play and heal on this land,” said McGowan, who has been actively involved with racial equity organizations in the Twin Cities since 2018. Her favorite spot in the county is the serene Lake Josephine, which she hopes more racial and ethnically diverse residents will come to enjoy as she works to make the parks more inclusive and accessible.

To engage with Ramsey County's outdoor programming for Black, Indigenous and people of color communities, residents are encouraged to reach out to Phoebe McGowan directly at [email protected] or 651-383-5419. McGowan is eager to hear from community members and to begin building connections that will enrich the county’s parks for all residents.


Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 1:23 p.m.