Recycling & Waste

Contaminated Soil


Small amounts:

Small amounts of soil contaminated with hazardous materials (like lead paint chips or oil) should be double-bagged and brought to one of the disposal companies listed below. Call to verify items accepted, hours and fees.

Large amounts: 

To dispose of large amounts of contaminated soil or to report leaks or spills, call the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Duty Officer at 651-649-5451. Be ready to provide the following information:

  1. Telephone number for call-backs at the scene or facility.
  2. Who has been notified of the incident (local Fire Department, Police Department, etc.).
  3. Date, time and location of the incident (specific).
  4. Materials and quantity involved in the incident.
  5. Name of business/individual responsible for the incident.
  6. Type of assistance requested (e.g., informational, specialized team, etc.).
  7. Summary of what has happened or what is happening.

Depending on the amount of material, you may need to obtain a solid waste storage permit from Ramsey County. Call 651-266-1199 for more information.

Disposal Companies

Burnsville Landfill, Inc.
2650 Cliff Road West
Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337
Elk River Landfill
22460 Highway 169 NW
Elk River, Minnesota, 55330
Pine Bend Sanitary Landfill
2495 East 117th Street
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 55077