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Get Medical Assistance renewal support on Oct. 12

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people did not have to renew their Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare. Now that the pandemic has ended, most people will be

Completing a MA renewal may be new for some. To help with the Medical Assistance renewal process, Ramsey County and PorticoHealthnet are providing free one-on-one appointments with MNsure Navigators on Thursday, Oct. 12th at the Ramsey County Library - Roseville.

There will be county financial workers and MNsure Navigators available for renewal questions through out the event. If you need support completing your health care renewal, register for a one-on-one appointment with Portico Healthnet MNsure Navigators.

Register for a one-on-one renewal appointment

Posted on Friday, September 8, 2023 - 2:35 p.m.