Recycling & Waste

Holiday greenery (wreaths and garland)


Holiday greenery refers to evergreen décor, like wreaths, swags, boughs and garland.


  • Holiday greenery is not accepted at the yard waste collection sites. This is because of the high potential for contamination from metal and decorations.
  • Put holiday greenery in the trash.

Best management practices

Dispose of holiday greenery in a timely manner to limit the spread of potential invasive pests, like elongate hemlock scale (EHS) and Lymantria dispar (formerly known as gypsy moth).

  • Put holiday greenery in a plastic bag and place in your trash. Do not burn holiday greenery.
  • Do not leave holiday greenery out in your yard or backyard compost pile all winter. This increases the risk of the greenery either getting or spreading an invasive pest.
  • Holiday/Christmas trees and greenery grown in Minnesota have not been found infested with EHS. However, EHS and Lymantria dispar have been found on trees imported to Minnesota.

Best management practices for holiday greenery (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)


Evergreen (holiday/Christmas) trees are okay to bring to the yard waste collection sites, where they are mulched and later used as fuel to generate electricity.