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Ramsey County Board of Commissioners proclaims July 2, 2024, as Kathy Hedin Day

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners proclaims July 2, 2024, as Kathy Hedin Day in Ramsey County. 

Deputy County Manager Kathy Hedin has served Ramsey County for over 23 years beginning as an Environmental Health Technician, Health Educator, Division Manager, Public Health Director (the first Black person in state to hold this role), Social Services Director and Deputy County Manager of the largest service team, Health and Wellness.

Kathy has been a key leader in strategic initiatives, including Putting Wellbeing and Community at the Center of Justice System Transformation, Advancing Racial and Health Equity and Shared Community Power, Advancing a Holistic Approach To Strengthen Families, Responding to Climate Change and Increasing Community Resilience, Transforming Systems Together, Appropriate Responses Initiative, Technology Governance, Covid-19 and Incident Management Leadership, Joint County-Courts, Youth Justice Transformation, and Resident’s First. 

While at Ramsey County, in 2018, Kathy was nationally recognized as an Emerging Leader in Public Health by the Kresge Foundation, in 2020 she became a Minnesota Young American Leader, and in 2021 she was awarded the Association of Minnesota Counties Outstanding Services award; her leadership and work with community was also instrumental in Ramsey County’s national recognition with the 2023 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize.

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners thanks Kathy Hedin on behalf of all constituents for her innovative leadership, service and dedication to truly foster a county of excellence where all are valued and can thrive.

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 2:27 p.m.