Recycling & Waste


Legal Considerations

It is illegal to place brake fluid, motor oil, oil filters, power steering fluid or transmission fluid in the trash, on the land, in water, down a sewer, or in the storm drain.


Some automotive service stations accept used oil for free and may accept other petroleum-based fluids and motor oil filters for a fee. Call first. You can also bring them to a household hazardous waste collection site for free.


If your snowmobile is beyond repair, contact your trash hauler for pick-up options or bring it to one of the recycling companies listed below. Call to verify items accepted, hours and fees. Drain all fluids first.

Recycle Companies

Alter Metal Recycling
801 Barge Channel Rd
St. Paul, Minnesota, 55107
EMR Northern Metal Recycling
521 Barge Channel Road
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55107
Walters Recycling and Refuse
10191 Xylite Street
Blaine, Minnesota, 55449