Open Enrollment for Retirees

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Open Enrollment for 2021 Insurance Benefits runs from Monday, October 26th through Monday, November 9th. In the enrollment packet that was mailed to you there is a personalized insurance enrollment form for your use if making changes. The insurance enrollment deadline is November 9, 2020. 

Key things to keep in mind

  • If you are not making any changes, you do not need to complete the enrollment form. Your current coverage will continue.  
  • Retirees currently enrolled in either the HealthPartners Journey or Retiree National Choice plans will automatically be enrolled to one of these two plans based on your county of residence. Your enrollment form will identify which HealthPartners plan you are assigned to.
  • The Hearing Aid Benefit for the HealthPartners plans is now available annually subject to a copay through a National Network, TruHearing.  Please refer to the HealthPartners presentation for information about how to access this benefit.  
  • Please note: The rates on the enrollment forms in your packets are not necessarily the final rates. Retirees should watch for their first invoice for 2021, coming in December, to know what your premium amount for 2021 will be.
  • If you have questions regarding plan-specifics (what is covered and who is in-network) contact Blue Cross Blue Shield and HealthPartners at the numbers shown below.
  • If you have questions on premiums, eligibility or adding / dropping coverage, contact Amber Kempe at 651 266-2731.
  • If you need to change your address or wish to request a Direct Debit form, email Amber or call 651 266-2731.
  • All calls will be answered as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated!

Medical Insurance Options for Regular Retirees

Ramsey County will again offer five Regular Retiree medical insurance plans for 2021: HealthPartners Journey, HealthPartners Retiree National Choice, Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Standard (MA-only PPO) with BlueRx, Blue Cross Blue Shield Classic (MAPD-PPO) with Rx2 and HealthPartners Major Medical. The specific plans you are eligible for are determined by where you live and your eligibility for Medicare. The Ramsey County Retiree Benefit Plan 2021 Reference Guide that you received in the mail explains each option in more detail and provides a Summary of Benefits for each plan.

Both Health Partners and Blue Cross have dedicated phone lines for you questions about their plans. For HealthPartners, call 952-883-7428 and for Blue Cross call 800-711-9865.

View Blue Cross Blue Shield open enrollment presentation (YouTube)

View HealthPartners open enrollment presentation for retirees (YouTube)

HealthPartners Journey and National Choice Plans

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Standard Plan and Medicare Advantage Classic Plan

HealthPartners Major Medical

HealthPartners Dental Plans

Ramsey County’s dental program is provided by HealthPartners Dental. Retirees who elected coverage at the time of retirement and are currently enrolled in a dental plan will have the opportunity choose either of the HealthPartners Dental plans for 2021. There will be no plan design changes for 2021.The overall premiums for HealthPartners Dental plans will increase in 2021 by 2%. 

Dental Plan Benefits Comparison Chart (PDF)

HealthPartners Dental Tiered Network

HealthPartners Dental Narrow Network

Information for Early Retirees

Ramsey County will continue to offer Early Retirees and their families the same HealthPartners Distinctions Plan that is offered to active employees. Ramsey County is not making any plan design changes to the Distinctions plan for 2021. There are changes in the Distinctions plan clinic tiering. Each year, HealthPartners rates clinics based on both cost and quality and assigns them to either Benefit Level 1 or Benefit Level 2. The listing of Level 1 and Level 2 clinics and information about the HealthPartners Distinctions plan is available on the Active Employee Open Enrollment Website at  The overall premiums for HealthPartners Distinctions will increase in 2021 by 6.7%. A chart summarizing coverage in the HealthPartners Distinctions plan is in your Retiree Benefits Plan Reference Guide on pages 27 and 28.

If you have a spouse with Medicare, please see “Spouse with Medicare” on page 26 of the Early Retiree section of the Retiree Benefit Plan Reference Guide that you received concerning your options.