Lake Links Trail Project

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South Shore Boulevard Segment

The Lake Links Trail project is a planned 1.5 mile multi-use trail envisioned to connect White Bear Avenue in the city of White Bear Lake to East County Line Road in White Bear Township primarily following South Shore Boulevard around White Bear Lake. The trail will impact vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic on South Shore Boulevard. 

The project advisory team, including representatives from Ramsey County Parks & Recreation, Ramsey County Public Works, city of White Bear Lake and White Bear Township, hosted community meetings on November 16 and December 7, 2017. Community feedback was used to prepare preliminary plans for the development of the proposed trail.

After months of studying traffic volume and trail options, the preliminary design development study is complete. The area of focus for this study was limited to the South Shore Boulevard corridor between White Bear Avenue and East County Line Road. Alternative alignments outside of this corridor were not reviewed due to the specific nature of the funding received for the effort.

The recommendation from the project advisory team is to do further study on the design options within the report and to include other trail options outside of the South Shore Boulevard corridor. The justification for this recommendation is based on the following factors:

  • The cost-benefit analysis.
  • The proximity of other county roadways that may be better suited for a regional trail.
  • Viewing the overall trail network from a larger vantage point and broadening our look, rather than focusing merely on the proximity to the lakeshore.
  • The limited right-of-way of South Shore Boulevard.
  • The resulting scores for five of the options are within a small fraction of each other with no clear preference.
  • Obtaining mutual jurisdictional support.
  • The need for additional information to make a more informed recommendation.

The project advisory team's recommendations for next steps can be found in the preliminary design report.