Dale Street Reconstruction

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dale street visualization
The design features 16-foot shared-use sidewalks for pedestrians and bicycles.

The Dale Street reconstruction project will begin in 2020. Dale Street will be rebuilt between Iglehart and University avenues and includes the bridge over I-94. Pedestrian improvements include enhanced crossings, wider sidewalks and a gentler slope approaching I-94 from University Avenue. It is anticipated that the bridge will be removed in March 2020 and that the majority of construction will be complete in the fall of 2020.

Watch a video animation previewing the project

Since May 2015, Ramsey County has been awarded about $6 million in federal funding to reconstruct the Dale Street (County Road 53) bridge over I-94 in Saint Paul. To date, about $5 million in local matching funds has also been identified. The project is identified as a priority in the City of Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan. Project partners include the City of Saint Paul and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Replacement timeline

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History of the bridge