County Road B2 & Lexington Avenue Intersection Reconstruction

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The County Road B2 and Lexington Avenue intersection was reconstructed in 2022 to improve safety conditions. The project included adding dedicated left and right turn lanes to County Road B2 to better control traffic from Roseville Area High School and installing a new traffic signal.

The new design also provides more room for the trail at the southwest side of the intersection.

Lexington Avenue will also be resurfaced in 2022.

Land surveying and landscaping crews will be working in the project area before, during and immediately after construction.

There will be no cost to property owners for this project.

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Construction is complete. Final site cleanup is expected to last through late September.

The new traffic signal is now installed and running. Ground-in, high-durability stripes have been added to the road

Traffic impacts

County Road B2 has reopened to traffic at the intersection.