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Riverview Corridor Purpose and Need

The purpose of the Riverview Corridor Modern Streetcar Project is to provide improved public transit service that offers greater mobility and accessibility for residents, businesses and workers, and supports economic opportunities in the project area, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. The data and analysis that supports these needs are contained in the Purpose and Need Technical Report. 

The Riverview project team will provide a graphic summary of the Purpose and Need Technical Report for public review and comment on May 17. Look for more information here and on Riverview Corridor social media

​What is the Riverview Modern Streetcar Project?

The Riverview Modern Streetcar project is a 12-mile planned transportation connection between neighborhoods and anchor destinations and employers in downtown Saint Paul, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America.The planned modern streetcar line is planned to run generally along State Highway 5 (West 7th Street) and will provide a higher capacity with frequent service in an area with growing population and employment, and a transit reliant population that needs accessible and dependable service. Modern streetcar can also be an incentive for reinvestment and economic development. 

Modern streetcar vehicles can operate on the same track as light rail vehicles, but are generally smaller than light rail vehicles. The planned modern streetcar line includes use of existing METRO Green Line stations and tracks in downtown Saint Paul and existing METRO Blue Line stations and tracks in Bloomington. Ten new stations are planned in Saint Paul and one in the historic Fort Snelling at Bdote area. Modern streetcar stations are generally smaller than light rail stations but have the same amenities such as heated shelters, ample lighting, off-board fare collection and signs showing real-time departure times.

Modern streetcar, running generally along State Highway 5 (West 7th Street), was chosen as the Locally Preferred Alternative by the Riverview Policy Advisory Committee in December 2017 after analyzing various routes and transit modes for more than three years. The next step is the Engineering and Pre-Environmental Phase of work which began in October 2020 and will continue through 2023. During this phase, project staff will examine impacts and gather detailed information to refine the project's design. 

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