Statement of Activities

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The Statement of Activities presents the county's change in net position over a given period. 

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  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Program revenues $346,908,222 $339,031,703 $308,098,315 $313,161,745 $337,057,408
General revenues $336,388,364 $317,076,967 $325,743,863 $313,639,231 $317,996,299
Total revenues $683,296,586 $656,108,670 $633,842,178 $626,800,976 $655,053,707
Program expenses $693,907,967 $633,270,114 $624,057,253 $605,865,602 $600,924,069
Increase / (Decrease) in net position ($10,611,381) $22,838,556 $9,784,925 $20,935,374 $54,129,638
Net position - beginning $810,845,506 $788,006,950 $945,791,930 $925,036,556 $870,906,918
Net position - end $800,234,125 $810,845,506 *$772,292,489 $945,971,930 $925,036,556


The county’s total revenue has averaged a 4.3 percent increase over the last five years. Program expenses have increased 15.4 percent from 2012 to 2016, averaging an annual increase of 3.1 percent. Program expenses differ from the expenditures listed in the governmental funds due to the unique nature of special service funds, such as debt service and capital projects, which are listed in the governmental fund expenditures and not in the statement of activities.

Overall, the net position of the county has decreased due to the implementation of GASB 68 in 2015. More information on this can be found in the 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (PDF).

  • Program revenues: Revenues that are earned as a direct result of a given function. Program revenues are offset by program expenses.
  • General revenues: Funds that the county received as income. Includes such items as property taxes, fees for services, intergovernmental revenues, fines, forfeitures, grants, revenue from sales and rentals and interest income.
  • General obligation debt: Municipal debt that is secured by Ramsey County's pledge to use legally available resources, such as tax revenue, to repay bond holders. Debt is issued to provide funds for certain capital improvement projects and other major purchases.

* - Due to required implementation of GASB 68 2014 ending net position was restated. Please see 2015 Ramsey County CAFR (PDF) for more information.