Fund Financial Statements

2018 Popular Annual Financial Report

Where county funds came from

Total governmental revenues = $713,984,915

See county revenue trends for additional information.

  • Intergovernmental: Funding from federal, state, city and other government jurisdictions.
  • Miscellaneous​: Investment earnings and gain on disposition of fixed assets.
  • Service fees and charges: Amounts paid for services provided by the county that are paid by the user (including residents, businesses and other government entities) of those services.

Where county funds were spent

Total governmental expenditures = $612,998,690

See expenditures in government funds for totals and trends.

  • Fund: A group of related accounts used to maintain control over resources that have been segregated for specific activities or objectives.
  • Assets: What the county owns, including current and other cash, investments and receivables. 
  • Liabilities: What the county owes, including payments due to vendors or employees.
  • Fund balance: The excess of the assets of a fund over liabilities and reserves.