2023 Budget Responses to Public Questions

During the 2023 supplemental budget process, questions in the following topic areas were raised by members of the public. Please see questions and responses below. 

Questions or comments regarding other taxing authorities (e.g. city of Saint Paul, school districts, etc.) were passed along to those agencies.

Tax and value questions

The property taxes for specific residential, commercial and apartment properties may have increased or decreased due to changes in property values. When market values increase in a neighborhood or for a property type – such as commercial – this can change how much a given property pays based on its share of the levy. Learn more in this video about understanding your property taxes and value:

  • English – Understanding Your Property Taxes and Values
  • Hmoob - Totaub Txog Cov Se Tsev thiab Lub Tsev Muaj Nqis Li Cas
  • Karen
  • Soomaali - Fahamka Cashuuraha iyo Qiimaha Hantidaada Maguurtada
  • Español - Comprendiendo los Impuestos y Valores de Su Propiedad

If you have questions about changes in your property taxes or market value, please contact the County Assessor’s Office at 651-266-2131.

In December 2021, the board of commissioners approved a 4.54% property tax levy increase in 2023 as part of the 2022-23 biennial budget. The biennial budget focuses on a Residents First approach to service delivery and continues strategic investments in systems reform, racial equity and community engagement.

Your city and/or school district also may have a proposed levy increase that impacts your property taxes.

Where do property tax dollars go? What is being funded with these dollars?

County budget documentation can be found at ramseycounty.us/budget, including the video and presentation slides from County Manager Ryan O’Connor’s budget presentation to the board in September showing where county funds come from and where they’re spent.

Additional information on how Ramsey County uses and invests public dollars is available in the 2021 Popular Annual Financial Report and Open Ramsey County.

What is the budget increase from last year?

The overall budget increase is proposed at 1.5%. The board is considering changes to the county manager’s original proposal and will approve the final budget on Dec 13.

Overall, the proposed 2023 supplemental budget totals $785,423,271, an increase of about $2.3 million over the 2023 budget approved in December 2021. Funding for the increase will largely be covered by an increase in state and other revenues and will not utilize additional property taxes, while also ensuring smoother transitions and future sustainability as the American Recovery Plan Act funds recede.

Why are there properties that have not paid property taxes?

Ramsey County works with property owners who are behind on their taxes, following state statute, with a goal of preventing tax-forfeiture when possible. Taxes are considered delinquent on the first business day in January of the following year the taxes were due.