(Re)Imagining Justice for Youth

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Responding restoratively. Together with our community. Achieving collective impact.

The traditional ‘juvenile justice’ system hasn’t worked. While its legal purpose was designated as rehabilitation, its adversarial nature and focus on administering consequences to deter future harmful behavior has produced significant racial disparities with respect to which youth are referred to the justice system; high rates of re-referral for Black, Latino, and Indigenous youth; profound and sometimes lifelong collateral consequences; and has too often led to further legal system involvement in adulthood.

(Re)imagining Justice for Youth (RJY) is a collaborative effort to transform our legal system to be more restorative, help youth learn and grow through developmentally-appropriate responses, address underlying causes by connecting youth with resources to help them succeed in life, and prevent harm from recurring, advancing safety and wellness in our community. We are committed to sharing power with our most impacted communities in co-designing and (re)imagining justice for youth, in decision-making through a collaborative review process, and in responding to harmful behavior through community-based accountability that better serves victims, youth and their families.

Responding restoratively

Together with our community

Achieving collective impact

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