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Consider self-assessments to maintain hazardous waste compliance

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Use hazardous waste self-assessments to keep your organization on track and in compliance.

Ramsey County conducts routine hazardous waste inspections every 12, 18 or 36 months depending on generator size and risk. That said, generators don’t need to wait for an inspection to check up on their hazardous waste management practices. Instead, organizations can conduct periodic hazardous waste self-assessments to help stay on track.

What to look for during a self-assessment

To build a self-assessment, consider first taking Ramsey County’s online hazardous waste training. Write down items pertinent to your generator size to include in the self-assessment. Here’s a good starting point:

  • Your license is up-to-date and posted in a public area.
  • All hazardous waste containers are closed, properly labeled and in good condition.
  • Weekly container inspections are conducted and records kept for at least three years.*
  • Hazardous wastes are stored properly outdoors: Liquids are on a curbed impermeable surface that would contain leaks, ignitable wastes are shaded, and containers are protected from moisture, unauthorized entry and damage.
  • Manifests and recycling/disposal receipts for hazardous waste, universal waste and used oil and related waste are available onsite for at least three years.
  • Manifests are properly completed, and the three-signature copies are readily available.
  • Emergency planning procedures appropriate to generator size are in place.

*Weekly container inspections are not required for satellite accumulation containers in the immediate working area of the process generating the waste and under direct physical and visual control of the operator of that process.

Although not required, self-assessments can be a very helpful way to keep your organization in compliance with hazardous waste regulations.

For questions about hazardous waste regulations, contact your inspector or call 651-266-1199.


This topic was suggested by Ramsey County’s Business Advisory Council. Several hazardous waste generators currently serve on the council, which provides feedback on licensing and inspection procedures for hazardous waste, food, lodging, manufactured home parks and public pools. Thank you, Business Advisory Council!

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Posted on Monday, August 28, 2023 - 8:00 a.m.