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Saint Paul Regional Water reports elevated levels of lead in recent water testing

Tap water flowing from a faucet. In the background a hand is seen on the tap.
Run water for 3-5 minutes before use to clear lead.

Saint Paul Regional Water System (SPRWS) found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some homes during its most recent sampling, June-September 2023.

SPRWS tested tap water samples from 105 homes within its service area and found 13 were above the federal action level for lead. Lead is rarely found in natural water sources. Homes built before 1946 may still have lead service lines that connect them to the public water system.

  • SPRWS will hold a public meeting about the test results and lead prevention resources Tuesday, Nov. 28 from 5-7 p.m. at 1900 Rice St., Saint Paul, MN.  Learn more.

Lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children.  The most common source of lead exposure is from deteriorated lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust found in homes built before 1978.

Ramsey County encourages residents to work with their healthcare providers to get their children screened for elevated blood lead levels – especially those most at risk for serious health problems. When pregnant women and children are diagnosed with elevated blood lead levels, the county works with families to identify sources of lead exposure and provides services to remediate and reduce risk to continued exposure. 

SPRWS maintains a lead service line inventory where residents can look up their property to see if they have a lead service line and are eligible for a no cost replacement. SPRWS also offers free water testing to residents in its service area which includes Saint Paul and other Ramsey County communities.  

Contact Saint Paul – Regional Water at 651-266-6350 for information on obtaining a water sample container for testing.

East Side Neighborhood Development Company is holding free lead testing clinics in December.

Learn more about lead at home.

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 - 3:54 p.m.