Lead at Home

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Lead paint peeling on window
Lead paint peeling on window

Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to humans, especially children under 6 and pregnant or breastfeeding adults. The most common source of lead exposure is paint and dust on windows in homes built before 1978. Any amount of lead exposure is dangerous. If you or someone in your household may have been exposed to lead, contact your healthcare provider.

Lead removal grant

Ramsey County provides grant funding to reduce lead poisoning in children.

How it works:

  • An environmental health specialist tests for sources of lead in your home.
  • Windows that test positive for lead-based paint are replaced.
  • Other lead hazards found in the home are addressed.
  • Grant funds cover 80% of the project cost, homeowner is responsible for remaining 20%.

To qualify you must have:

  • Wood windows painted with lead-based paint in your home.
  • At least one child under 6 years old living in your home.
  • A household income below 80% of the Twin Cities median income (approximately $94,500 for a household of four).

​To apply for the grant, call Ramsey County 651-266-1199, or email [email protected].

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