Guidelines for Sharing Messages on Social Media & Other Digital Communication Channels

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation quickly evolves, please keep these guidelines in mind when sharing messages related to county programs and services on social media and other digital spaces:

  • Please do share, retweet or link to messages posted on the county's official social media channels and if you want to post about the county's work on your personal social media channels. Sharing messages posted by the county ensures that consistent, accurate information is being shared within our community and helps residents, partners and other stakeholders verify the source of the information. The county's official social media channels are:
  • When sharing messages, use good judgment and common sense in wording and tone.
  • Do not send out links to any webpages on (our employee intranet site) to anyone outside the county network. is only accessible if you are accessing it via a Ramsey County internet connection or a remote access tool (e.g. Citrix or VPN).
  • Do not act as a spokesperson for Ramsey County. Contact your supervisor or Communications & Public Relations liaison if you receive any requests from members of the news media looking for information on county programs, services or operations.
  • Do not deliver direct service to clients via your private digital and social media channels. Please keep all county business on county email and other owned digital channels.
  • Do not disclose any private information collected or maintained by the county.
  • Reference the Public Communication Policy for additional guidance.

If you have questions about these practices or messages you'd like to distribute via the county's social media channels, contact the Communications Help Desk for assistance.