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Ramsey County Elections is the filing office in the jurisdictions listed below, for candidate committees and political committees supporting candidates, ballot questions, and other political committees. Select the appropriate link for detailed reporting information. See a list of frequently asked questions below.

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2020 Campaign financial report due dates

Jan 28

2019 Year-end campaign financial report—Saint Paul and Saint Paul Public Schools (I.S.D. 625) (12 p.m.).
Jan 31 2019 Year-end campaign financial report—suburban cities and school districts (4:30 p.m.).
Jul 31 Pre-primary report—state, judicial, county and cities with a primary (4:30 p.m.).
Oct 23 Pre-general report—state, judicial, county and cities (4:30 p.m.).
Nov 10 Certification of filing for campaign financial reports due (4:30 p.m.).
Dec 3 Post-general election campaign financial report for state, judicial, county and cities (4:30 p.m.).


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