Student Election Judge Training

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Student election judges are valuable to the polling place on Election Day. Not only can students represent and support their communities, but they can see the democratic process in action and support its success.

New training videos have been made for 2020.

Important information

When will I receive my assignment? 

All students will be assigned by a designated date via an email confirmation.

Do I have to be trained? 

Yes, all student need to be trained before working as a student judge in polling place.

What should I wear to work on Election Day? 

Comfortable clothing and shoes. Please do not wear any campaign materials for candidates or questions that are on the current Election ballot.

When do I eat when I’m working at the polling place?

Please bring enough food and drink with you to cover you through your full shift. We cannot guarantee refrigeration at the polling places so please plan accordingly.

When will I be paid after working the election? 

You will be paid on the last Friday in November for the time you served on Election Day and training.

What time do I show up to work on Election Day? 

This depends on your scheduled time that you have agreed to. Your head judge will be contacting you a few days before the Election to go over any final questions regarding your shift before you work.

Who do I call if I have questions or concerns? 

You may ask the Teacher Liaison that is assigned to you or the Ramsey County Election Judge Hotline at 651-266-2219 if you have any questions.