Transportation Improvement Program

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2024-2028 Ramsey County Transportation Improvement Plan cover image of road next to a lake

The Transportation Improvement Program consists of a five-year schedule of projects developed by assessing the condition of the existing system. The program identifies county road projects for implementation based on community input and financial resources. Projects are prioritized for implementation based on technical analysis, employee resources, existing roadway conditions and opportunities for project coordination with cities or the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The Transportation Improvement Program is reviewed annually. Additional projects are added to the program based on funding analyses. 

View 2024-2028 Transportation Improvement Program (PDF, 2 MB)


Ramsey County has a cost participation policy designed to equitably distribute the cost of construction and major maintenance projects between the county and partner communities. County cost participation continues to increase as pedestrian, bicycle and transit features are added to the roadway system. 

Estimated costs identified in this program are based on construction of similar roadways. Expected costs of engineering and right-of-way acquisition are included in the project estimates.

Future road projects in planning and design stages include engineering and community engagement work. Current road projects include maintenance and reconstruction.