Community Task Force on Safe Schools

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I want to thank this dedicated group of educators, school staff, parents, caregivers, youth workers, social workers and others with firsthand knowledge of the challenges youth and adults face for coming together to propose solutions for our entire community to embrace,
Ramsey County Attorney John Choi

Task force report and data:

  • County Attorney press release on Safe Schools Task Force final report to the community
    March 9, 2017 press release announcing report and data publication

  • Community Task Force Final Report
    Summarizes the recommendations to school, civil and community leaders and includes public survey results

  • Community Task Force data reports and presentation
    Contains all data analysis compiled for and presented to the Task Force in 2016

Community engagement

The County Attorney encourages all members of our Ramsey County community to engage with our youth, work to end racial disparities and be an advocate for the recommendations contained in the Task Force report with their elected and local appointed officials.

About the task force

The Community Task Force on Safe Schools met for seven months beginning in June 2016 in an effort to better understand the dynamics contributing to incidents of violent youth behavior in schools and recommend community-based solutions to improve safety in schools for students and staff.

The task force was made up of nearly 40 parents, students, teachers, school resource officers, youth workers and others with firsthand knowledge of the struggles our youth face and the types of behavior adults are challenged to respond to. Members (PDF) were selected because of their diversity of personal and professional experience, direct involvement with youth, and commitment to finding actionable solutions. The group was designed to be geographically and demographically diverse and representative of our community in Ramsey County.