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We represent Ramsey County in property tax appeals, purchasing land for streets and roads, condemnation and other real estate matters. We also work with the Ramsey County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) to assist in providing funds and services for housing and redevelopment projects throughout the county.  

Property Tax Petition Cases

  • We represent the county assessor in property tax petition cases where the property owner contends the assessed value is too high, and as a consequence the taxes on the property are too high. The procedures for appealing your property tax can be found on the Assessor’s website
  • To make sure the tax burden is consistently shared by all, we work to resolve cases to establish assessed values that are both fair to the owner and meet the legal requirement that they be consistent with fair market value.
  • Although cases are often resolved by negotiation and sometimes the property valuation is reduced to ensure the assessed value is the right value, our attorneys will take cases to protect the interests of all taxpayers.

Street and Bridge Improvement Projects

  • To complete street and bridge improvement projects, Ramsey County at times needs to acquire land for public rights of way. We complete the legal work to do so for projects including: the intersection of Rice and Highway 36 in Maplewood and the improvements of: White Bear Avenue in Maplewood, Maryland near 35W, and Highway 96 at US 10.
  • Ramsey County often accomplishes the acquisition through an agreed upon purchase, but if that is not possible, to make sure the project gets done and done on time, we handle the court work to acquire the property by use of eminent domain.
  • We also represent Ramsey County in the hearing process to ensure it pays constitutionally required fair market value for the property.

County Owned and Operated Property

Ramsey County owns and operates real estate used by the public, such as county parks, ice rinks and golf courses, or where county agencies and departments provide services to or for the public, such as the courthouse, law enforcement center, jail, workhouse, care center and office space. Civil attorneys provide the legal work and advice needed to manage and maintain property and to acquire new property. Notable examples of county projects we have assisted on include:

  • Acquisition, renovation and operation of Union Depot.
  • Acquisition of  the Vadnais Sports Center and the ice rinks it contains.
  • Acquisition and redevelopment of the 427 acres in Arden Hills formerly known as TCAAP (now named Rice Creek Commons). To complete this project, Ramsey County is remediating soil contamination, demolishing obsolete industrial buildings, constructing public infrastructure (roads, sewer, and water utilities) and inspiring new development to expand job and housing opportunities to enhance its tax base and overall vitality and strength of our community.