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John J. Choi

John J. Choi made history on January 3, 2011, when he was sworn in as the first Korean-American Chief Prosecutor in the nation. As the Ramsey County Attorney, John leads a public law and prosecution office of 325 staff with a $39 million budget in the most diverse county in the state, which includes the capital, Saint Paul.

Since taking office, John has become a state and national leader in the fight against sex trafficking. John’s innovative approach to holding abusers accountable, while working collaboratively with advocacy agencies to help victims, has transformed the way government intervenes in domestic violence and sex trafficking situations.

In addition, John has:

  • Been a champion of engaging men to prevent violence against women and children.
  • Successfully advanced legislation to reunite families when it’s in the best interest of children languishing in the foster care system.
  • Implemented new performance-based outcomes for juvenile diversion programs.
  • Introduced the use of GPS technology to keep domestic violence victims safe.
  • Developed the use of lethality assessment protocols in domestic violence incidents by all law enforcement agencies countywide.
  • Created a pre-charge diversion program for adults.
  • Established a Veterans Court in Ramsey County.

Throughout his public tenure, John has been innovative in reforming and finding efficiencies in the criminal justice system. In his previous capacity as the Saint Paul City Attorney, John was recognized by his colleagues across North America with the International Municipal Lawyers Association’s top award for distinguished public service.

Prior to his successful career in the public sector, John spent a decade in private practice, making partner in six years while focused on government relations, administrative law, municipal law and civil litigation. John holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Marquette University and a J.D. from Hamline University School of Law, and was a Humphrey Fellow at the University of Minnesota.