Public Health Ordinance Changes

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Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health occasionally proposes updates to Ramsey County ordinances. These proposed changes are posted for public feedback. Community feedback is provided through surveys and/or listening sessions.

The county is currently proposing changes to the administrative ordinance and is seeking community feedback through surveys and listening sessions. 

Administrative ordinance

Food establishments, public swimming pools, hotels, manufactured home parks, solid waste haulers and facilities, hazardous waste generators and facilities, and other businesses are licensed by the county. Licenses include a variety of rules. The administrative ordinance sets the rules for enforcement and penalties.

Under the current administrative ordinance, the first penalty for breaking the rules is a misdemeanor citation. This includes a fine and is considered a crime. The person who receives the misdemeanor citation then has a criminal record.

Ramsey County is proposing​:

  • To add a step of enforcement BEFORE a criminal misdemeanor citation.
  • This new step would be a civil citation; it includes a fine only and would not be considered a crime nor create a criminal record.​

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