How to Contract with Ramsey County

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The county acquires goods and services through a cost-effective, competitive and fair process accessible to all businesses. The county seeks vendors who share its commitment to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness.

Solicitations on DemandStar

Solicitation requirements

Vendors interested in providing goods and/or services to the county and its residents must first register to use DemandStar, an internet purchasing network. Vendors must be qualified for each solicitation to which they respond. DemandStar offers immediate and automatic notification of purchasing opportunities with the county, solicitation documents and results, and prior solicitation information. Subscribing to DemandStar and all solicitation documentation is free.

To receive free notifications and solicitation documentation from Ramsey County on DemandStar:

  1. After you have registered, select the DemandStar Free Agency option.
  2. On the form that opens, provide the pertinent information about your business, and be sure to enter Ramsey County in the Agency Name field.

If you have questions or need technical assistance with DemandStar, contact or call 206-940-0305.