How to Contract with Ramsey County

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The county acquires goods and services through a cost-effective, competitive and fair process accessible to all businesses. The county seeks vendors who share its commitment to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness.

Due to COVID-19, Ramsey County has implemented changes to our request for bids and request for proposals process. See the "Bid changes due to COVID-19" section below for more information.

Solicitations on DemandStar

Solicitation requirements

Vendors interested in providing goods and/or services to the county and its residents must first register to use DemandStar, an internet purchasing network. Vendors must be qualified for each solicitation to which they respond. DemandStar offers immediate and automatic notification of purchasing opportunities with the county, solicitation documents and results, and prior solicitation information. Subscribing to DemandStar and all solicitation documentation is free.

If you have questions or need technical assistance with DemandStar, contact or call 206-940-0305.

COVID-19 and CARES Act contracting opportunities

Bid changes due to COVID-19

To ensure the safety of the public and county employees, Ramsey County has implemented the following changes to our request for bids (RFB) and request for proposals (RFP) process, effective immediately.


We are accepting only electronic RFB and RFP responses submitted through DemandStar. We are not accepting mail-in or hard-copy bid/proposal responses.

Public openings

Public openings will now be held via phone conference or Zoom; we are suspending all in-person public openings (previously held at 121 7th Place E., Suite 4000, Saint Paul, MN 55101).

To join a Zoom meeting:   

  1. Click on the meeting link:
  2. Download the file or hit the “open” button.
  3. Call one of the listed phone numbers if you choose the audio phone option.
  4. You will hear and see the host’s screen when the meeting starts. The host and other attendees cannot hear you.
  5. Click on “Chat” at the bottom of the screen and enter the following information in the chat box: your name, your company’s name, your phone number and the solicitation of interest to you.