Workforce Solutions: 2019 Annual Business Report

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions offers services such as career counseling, access to information on jobs and the labor market, training and job placement. Job seekers can visit a workforce center to find a job, acquire new job skills and meet hiring employers. Workforce Solutions helps companies in Ramsey County remain successful by providing qualified employees. Community partnerships with Job Service, Adult Basic Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, more than 200 community agencies, local nonprofit organizations, and multiple colleges and educational partners help Workforce Solutions focus on the goals of Ramsey County (well-being, prosperity, opportunity and accountability) to achieve success for all of our residents. Aligning with Ramsey County goals helps job seekers and companies succeed in securing and retaining job seekers in a competitive job market. Ramsey County's objective is a dynamic community where every resident is an equal player.

In Ramsey County, 83 Workforce Solutions employees provide administrative support and employment and training services for companies and job seekers. Services are free and made available through the economic and public workforce development systems.

8,798 residents served. (of these 7,889 are Saint Paul residents)   1,868 received training. (of these 1,417 are Saint Paul residents)   3,739 placed in employment. (of these 2,900 are Saint Paul residents)


Visits to Ramsey County CareerForce Centers

Workforce Center LogoCareerForce Centers offer one-on-one staff assistance and counseling, trainings, employer and educator events, technology access and other resources.

Service locations

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  Saint Paul North St. Paul Government Center East
Visits 9,351 5,939 7,105
Workshop attendees 3,908 6,991 N/A

 2019 Vocational Rehabilitation Services