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Youth Works!
Youth Works! opens doors of opportunity for youth and young adults in Ramsey County.
Ling Becker, Director of Workforce Solutions

Youth Works! is a county-wide youth employment partnership initiative. Together, we will ensure alignment and coordination among the larger youth and young adult employment ecosystem to most effectively support young people (ages 14-24) in gaining access to employment, training resources and career pathways opportunities.

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Initiative goals

  • Develop and align resources, activities and events that bring community partners together.
  • Highlight how engaging youth in employment, apprenticeship, internship and volunteer opportunities is of great value to the community.
  • Ask for participation in opening doors of opportunity for youth to learn, earn and lead in their communities.

Collaborative commitment

We will leverage our connections with key stakeholders to promote opportunities for personal, social and educational youth development, leadership and employment enabling youth to develop their voice, influence and place in society to reach their full potential.  


Youth Works! partners support the efforts of the Ramsey County Youth Works! initiative. They believe in these six tenants as related to youth and young adult employment and work experiences.

They believe in:

  • Amplifying the enterprise of youth, young adults and their innovation and ideas.
  • Providing employers with opportunity to involve diverse, highly qualified youth and young adults in their workforce.
  • Celebrating the unique family and educational experiences youth and young adults bring to employers.
  • Ensuring access to experiences that provide exposure to career opportunities for all youth and young adults, across race, class, culture and other means of social identity.
  • Providing paid and volunteer work opportunities that contribute to the skills, habits and outcomes for youth and young adults to learn, earn and lead in their communities.
  • Recognizing the value of community relationships (social, emotional, and behavioral) developed through work experiences and employment.
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Core Values

Centers Young People

Place young people, their experiences and growth at the center of decision making. 


Decisions are made using an equity framework.


Demonstrated best practices are used in implementation of program components. 

If you are interested in being a Youth Works! partner, please contact Youth Works! to learn more.