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Safety information for extreme cold and winter weather

Health and safety tips

Tips for preparing for winter weather can be found on the Winter Storms & Extreme Cold page.

The CDC’s Extreme Cold Guide provides information on preparing your home and car, dressing for and understanding wind chill, and avoiding cold-weather health emergencies.

Steps you can take to stay safe include:

  • Packing an emergency kit for your car.
  • Heating your home safely. Be careful with space heaters, wood stoves and fireplaces.
  • Dressing warmly and using layers. Do not leave areas of the skin exposed to the cold.
  • Seeking medical attention for someone experiencing hypothermia or frostbite.

Emergency housing

If you know someone who needs help with emergency housing in the cold, please view our Housing Services and Support page.

The Cold Weather Hotel Program is available for homeless families residing in a place not meant for human habitation who are on, or need to be added to, the waiting list to get into Ramsey County emergency shelter.

A family must have an unsheltered status within the last seven days and the unsheltered homeless status must be verified by a third-party professional. Any families that are residing in a place not meant for human habitation may contact the Ramsey County Homeless Services office directly at 651-266-7818.

Warming center

Twin Cities Salvation Army worship and service centers this week will open their doors to people who need warmth and safety from the extreme cold.

Ramsey County locations:

  • Saint Paul: 1019 Payne Avenue and 401 W. 7th St.
  • Maplewood: 2080 Woodlynn Ave.

View details for all locations

For adults

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is preparing overflow and additional space will be added to the Saint Paul men’s campus at 435 University Ave. E. through Thursday night.

Listening House, a drop-in center located at 464 Maria Ave., Saint Paul, extended their hours on Wednesday and will be at closing at 2 p.m.

On Tuesday and Thursday, they close at 4:15 p.m.

For youth (16-24 years old)

SafeZone Drop-in Center located at 130 E. 7th St., Saint Paul, extended their hours from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29 through Friday, Feb. 1. Safe Zone will serve three warm meals throughout the day and provide youth with extra hand warmers and winter gear throughout the day.

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2019 - 4:08 p.m.