COVID-19 Racial Equity & Community Engagement

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Advancing racial and health equity and effective community engagement is an integral part of Ramsey County's COVID-19 response. The Racial Equity and Community Engagement Response Team (RECERT) was formed in April 2020 to help inform the county's response and provide critical links between county operations and the residents we serve.


Learn about the team's rationale, focus areas, structure and membership

Weekly summaries

Each week of the COVID-19 response, RECERT publishes a written report with the following:

  1. Updates on work tasks during the past week that relate to the team’s areas of focus.
  2. Create a proposal of work for the week ahead that relates to the team’s areas of focus, with descriptions for how the team will work with the Incident Management Team and the rest of Ramsey County to make progress on each work task.
  3. Highlight areas of significant community concern that will require attention.
  4. Outline areas of progress that provide opportunities for future momentum.


Summaries are available in PDF format.

Materials from virtual town halls