COVID-19 Racial Equity & Community Engagement

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Advancing racial and health equity and effective community engagement is an integral part of Ramsey County's COVID-19 response.

Racial Equity and Community Engagement Response Team (RECERT)

The Racial Equity and Community Engagement Response Team (RECERT) was formed in April 2020 to help inform the county's response and provide critical links between county operations and the residents we serve. It's comprised of staff representing all county Service Teams and led by the county's racial and health equity administrators. The team works on several closely with the community members of the Equity Action Circle

Equity Action Circle

The Equity Action Circle (EAC) was formed in spring 2020 and consists of 15 community members representing diverse backgrounds, valuable perspectives and lived experiences. The purpose of the EAC is to co-develop strategies and solutions in partnership with the county to meet the unmet needs of residents during the COVID-19 response.


RECERT is leading several initiatives to address community needs and share information with racially, culturally and ethnically diverse communities.

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A Mask for Everyone

A Mask for Everyone is an initiative to ensure that individuals and families, specifically racially, ethnically and culturally diverse communities, have access to a homemade mask and accurate information about masks and how to use them to slow the spread of COVID-19.

More than 135,000 masks have been distributed through the program so far.

Learn more about the initiative

Community partners

RECERT is partnering with trusted members and community organizations to ensure Ramsey County's diverse racial, ethnic and cultural communities are informed about coronavirus, county services and community resources during the pandemic.

Virtual town halls

The COVID-19 Racial Equity and Community Engagement Response Team has hosted several virtual community meetings have been held to share an overview of COVID-19 services and answer community questions.

View video recordings and presentation slides from past town halls.

Information and resources

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Community conversations

COVID-19 pandemic report

A report is available on the experiences and needs of Ramsey County’s cultural and ethnic minority communities around COVID-19. The report draws on input and knowledge shared by community members during 49 conversations facilitated by 15 community partners from November 2020 to February 2021.

COVID-19 vaccine report

A report is available about perceptions, myths, fears and hesitancies around the COVID-19 vaccine. The report was developed based on 19 community conversations hosted by eight community partners in April 2021.