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Recognizing the importance and value of leading with race, to address compounded disproportionality and ensure community voice is in decision-making processes, RECERT formed a Community Advisory Committee in spring 2020. The group began meeting in May 2020 and is now known as the Equity Action Circle (EAC).

The Equity Action Circle is co-developing strategies and solutions in partnership with countywide leadership and RECERT to incorporate community identified priority focus areas to meet the unmet needs of racial and ethnically diverse residents for the COVID-19 response, in order to prevent exacerbated racial disparities and improve county operations, service delivery and program administration. The Equity Action Circle will advise the County Manager and RECERT on identified priority areas, policies, systems and environmental changes with a racial equity lens.


  • Dr. Mohamed Alfash
  • Thomas Berry
  • Dr. Rodolfo Batres
  • Dawn Blanchard
  • Mary K. Boyd
  • Laura Dorn
  • Alfreda Flowers
  • Snowdon Herr
  • Hilary Lor
  • Suzanne Madison
  • Dr. Tamara Mattison
  • Richard McLemore
  • Dr. Javiera (Javi) Monardez-Popelka
  • Marika Reese
  • John Thompson

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Priority areas

The EAC has identified five priority areas in which to focus their work and recommendations:

  • Family and youth.
  • Healthcare.
  • Housing.
  • Policy and practices.
  • Workforce.

In August 2020, the EAC launched sub-committees for each of the priority areas. The sub-committees include EAC members, RECERT staff members and additional community members selected by the EAC.

2020-2021 recommendations

In October 2020, the Equity Action Circle submitted a report to the county with a series of immediate, short-term and long-term recommendations to address community needs related to the pandemic that are also the result of inequities due to centuries of institutional and structural racism.


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