Report a Non-Emergency

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You should call the non-emergency number at 651-767-0640 if:

  • A crime has occurred but there has been some delay in reporting it.
  • You need to report loud construction noise, parties, barking dogs or other similar annoyances.
  • You need to report parking complaints.
  • You need a report for insurance purposes or for a replacement cell phone, credit card, identification card or other lost or stolen item.
  • You need to check if your car has been towed or repossessed.
  • You have general animal concerns.
  • It is after hours or you are unsure who to call for road maintenance and utility problems.
  • You are unsure who to call and the situation is not a police, fire or medical emergency.

The non-emergency number is answered 24 hours a day by the same staff who handle 911 calls. Response is based on the situation, not the number you call.

Staff can also provide you with information on public safety and public service topics if you live or work in Ramsey County. If they are unable to answer your questions, they will provide you with an agency and phone number to contact.

Obtaining reports for insurance and replacement

When you need a report for insurance or replacement purposes, you may be able to request to speak to an officer by phone, or be offered the option of making a report by phone.

In Saint Paul only, you also have the option to make the report online in many situations.

In some situations where property was lost or stolen in Saint Paul, the telecommunicator you speak with will be able to give you an incident number for replacement of lost items such as a cell phone or credit card. No report is written but the situation is documented in the dispatch computer.