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I need to find my property lines in order to get a building or fence permit. What should I do?

This may be a requirement of the city, township or contractor. Your city or township will be able to provide you with the forms and requirements necessary to get your permit. You will have to contact a licensed Minnesota land surveyor in private practice to have your land surveyed. 

What marks the corner of my lot?

If your parcel has been surveyed, it is likely that the lot corners are marked (monumented) with a metal rebar or pipe. Depending on the age of your survey (and other factors such as construction and frost) the monument should have a plastic cap with the land surveyor's license number inscribed and likely will be at or below the ground surface.

Can a county surveyor find my lot lines?

No. County surveyors cannot survey for private parties and limit all field work and boundary surveying to county-specific projects. A licensed Minnesota land surveyor in private practice can be contacted to survey your property.

Can I get a map or plat of my property?

Yes. The Ramsey County Surveyor’s Office can send a hard copy or email digital files of half-section parcel maps and recorded subdivision plats. The cost is $10 per map or plat. Tax map (GIS) parcel lines can also be produced overlaid on 2009 aerial photography. The representation of tax parcel lines does not constitute a boundary survey of your property. Both the tax parcel lines and the aerial photography contain a degree of error.

Can I acquire aerial photography from Ramsey County?

Yes. Ramsey County has aerial photography dating back to the 1930s. Digital ortho aerial photography is available for 1991, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Is there a boundary survey of my property on file in the Ramsey County Surveyor’s Office?

No. Ramsey County does not require land surveyors in private practice to file their surveys in the County Surveyor’s Office.

Can I order products by phone or email?

Yes. Please call 651-266-7100 to place an order by phone or email us at [email protected].

What are the signs I see that say "SURVEY MARKER – DO NOT DISTURB"?

Green fiberglass markers or steel fence posts are set near government section corners (PLSS corners) and county benchmarks with this warning. They are placed near the monument to preserve the location of the monuments. Please do not disturb or remove these marker signs or the monuments that are nearby. If a monument is in danger of destruction, please notify the Ramsey County Surveyor.

Can the Ramsey County Surveyor provide GPS coordinates for my property corners?

No. The determination of a property corner requires thorough records research, field work and analysis of evidence by a licensed Minnesota land surveyor.