Surveyor Fee Schedule

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Revised fee schedule was approved by the Ramsey County Board to lower costs for homestead land owners intending to divide their property.

Document review-related fees

Subdivision plat and Registered Land Survey (RLS)
Minnesota Statutes 383A.42, 505, 508, 508A
Fees determined by project area - Cost per submittal

0-3 acres $700
3-5 acres $1,000
5-10 acres $1,300
Over 10 acres $1,600
Common Interest Community (CIC) 
Minnesota Statue 389.09, 515B; Board Resolutions 86-032, 86-033, 86-034, 86-035
Declarations only
Original declaration $500
Amended declaration $350
Supplemental declaration $200
CIC Plat and Declaration
Base fee $1,300
Additive per unit $60
Additive per level $60
Non-compliance with plat, RLS or CIC requirements* $400
Minor revisions to plat, RLS or CIC* $180
Substantial revisions to plat, RLS or CIC* $700
Additional services to resolve final plat issues
Upon failure to perform by submitter or representative 
Including but not limited to research, computations, travel time, meetings, etc. 
Hourly with one hour minimum
Subdivision plat, RLS or CIC reactivation fee
Charged if approved and inactive for more than 180 days
Require title work current to within 30 days - further revisions fees may apply. 

*For definitions of non-compliance, minor revisions and substantial revisions, please see page two of the Ramsey County Manual of Guidelines for Subdivision Plats (PDF).

Service and product-related fees
Special requests - address lists, mapping
and/or research request, review Certificate of Correction, etc. 
Hourly with a one hour minimum.
Large, hard copy paper prints
Plats, half-section maps, etc. per sheet
Digital subdivision plat, RLS, CIC plat
Per document in a PDF format
Mailing and media
Standard envelope $2
Oversize envelope $3
Tube $5