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The Second Judicial District Court of Minnesota (Ramsey County) is a unified trial court with general jurisdiction to hear all types of civil and criminal cases.

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Public Defender

If you’re in the criminal justice system and can’t afford an attorney, the Public Defender's office can represent you. The office helps adults and juveniles accused of criminal offenses, and parents and children involved in child protection cases.

Types of cases you can be represented on:

  • Misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors like theft, disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and assault
  • Felonies such as murder, burglary, sexual assault, property and drug offenses
  • Child protection and termination of parental rights

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Pre-trial services

Project Remand, a private, non-profit organization, has provided a comprehensive program of adult pretrial services since 1973. Project Remand helps Ramsey County reduce jail population pressures by offering alternatives to traditional detention while promoting public protection and lawful behavior through pretrial services.

Our mission is to provide safe and effective alternatives to traditional detention and prosecution through the delivery of pretrial services.