Hodgson Road Reconstruction

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Hodgson Road preliminary road layout showing 8' trail, 4' shoulders, 11' traffic lanes in each direction, a 12' center left-turn lane and a 5' sidewalk
Preliminary road layout (Layout made with Streetmix / CC BY-SA)

Hodgson Road (County Road 49) will be reconstructed from Gramsie Road / Rice Street to Bridge Street in Shoreview.

Final design is underway and construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2023. The purpose of the design and reconstruction project is to:

  • Improve pedestrian and bike access in alignment with Ramsey County's All-Abilities Transportation Network plan. Pedestrian facilities will help connect users to parks, schools, churches and residential neighborhoods.
  • Replace the aging pavement.
  • Improve stormwater management.

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In 2019, the top layer of pavement was replaced on Hodgson Road between Gramsie Road and Bridge Street to help prevent potholes and further road deterioration as a temporary solution prior to reconstruction in 2023. This was a more cost-effective solution than continually patching potholes; the driving surface was in very rough shape following the spring 2019 thaw. It did not fix the poor condition of the underlying pavement and road base, which will be fixed through reconstruction.


Construction has begun. We will make every effort to complete it as quickly as possible and will continue working as long as the weather cooperates.

  • Utility work is ongoing. Utility work is complete Hwy 96 to Snail Lake Road.
  • Asphalt is completed for the season. Temporary driveways are installed.
  • Lumen has relocated concrete telephone ducts from Hwy 96 to Snail Lake Road.
  • Lumen is working on telephone ducts from Gramsie to Snail Lake Road.
  • Xcel Gas has completed the installation of a gas main from Hwy 96 to Snail Lake Road. Currently, they are in the process of installing a gas main from Snail Lake Road to Gramsie.
  • Xcel Gas is installing a gas main on County Road F, from Hodgson Road to Rice Street. County Road F is closed to through traffic.
  • Striping is ongoing. Mailboxes are being installed.

Traffic Impact

Hodgson Road will be open to local traffic only from Gramsie to Hwy 96. A detour will be in place, using Rice Street and Hwy 96.

Residents are encouraged to access their properties from the south. Business customers are encouraged to enter from the north.

New road design

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