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Student Law Clerk Program:

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office offers two types of positions for student law clerks: regular and summer positions. The application and hiring process for student law clerk positions is coordinated directly by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.  Law clerks are considered unclassified positions meaning you are an “at-will” employee.  Student law clerks must be eligible to become certified student attorneys under the Minnesota Supreme Court Rules as they make regular court appearances.  By performing research and legal writing, interviewing witnesses, appearing in court, and working with attorneys, the law clerk experience and knowledge gained is second to none. Since law clerk positions are unclassified, the process is coordinated directly by our office rather than the County's Human Resources Department.

Regular Law Clerk Positions:

  • We employ approximately 25 part-time regular student law clerks and openings vary according to turnover. 
  • Regular law clerks work during both the school year and the summer. 
  • The tenure of a regular law clerk position ends approximately thirty days prior to the administration of the first bar examination after graduating law school.
  • The primary recruitment for this program is through the Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference (MMRC) and On-Campus Interviews (OCI) at the local Twin Cities law schools.
  • Applicants include second-year law students (2Ls) that are eligible to work 16 to 32 hours per week.
  • The current entry-level salary for law clerks is $20.07 per hour. 
  • Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted by phone or email.

Summer Law Clerk Positions: 

  • We sponsor a Summer Law Clerk Program each year. 
  • Approximately up to ten law students will be hired to work as law clerks for a ten-week period, 40 hours per week, from early June through mid-August. 
  • Applicants for this program include first-year law students (1Ls) and second-year law students (2Ls). 
  • Law students in this program will have an opportunity to do the same types of legal work as regular law clerks, also having opportunities to engage in activities; attend trials, hearings, and other case events; and conduct legal research and writing. 
  • The current salary for summer law clerks is $20.07 per hour. 
  • The primary recruitment for this program is through the Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference and On-Campus Interviews at the local Twin Cities law schools.  Interviews are also held at the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office for applicants who are not attending law school in the metro area. 
    • Applications for 2Ls are accepted and reviewed approximately August 1 to September 30 for the next summer's program.
    • Applications for 1Ls are accepted and reviewed approximately January 1 to February 28 for the next summer's program.

How to Apply for Law Clerk Positions: 

  • Send a completed application along with a resume, letter of interest, school transcript copy, a list of three references and writing sample to [email protected].
  • In the subject line of your email, please state “Regular Law Clerk Position” or "Summer Law Clerk Position" to indicate your particular interest.
  • You will be contacted by phone or email if more information is needed or you are selected for an interview.