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Our fraud unit focuses primarily on public assistance fraud in Ramsey County. We have a contract with the County Community Human Services Department to provide both criminal fraud and fraud prevention investigations (FPI).  Our six investigators are all certified  Welfare Fraud Investigators with one serving as an investigator supervisor. Three investigators conduct the Fraud Prevention Investigations (FPI) and two investigators conduct the criminal cases.

Criminal fraud investigations result in cases charged and prosecuted by prosecutors in the County Attorney's Office. FPI investigations provide eligibility information to the Human Services Department, which can result in the termination of benefits for persons not eligible for those programs. The investigative unit also provides the basis for the recovery of funds expended due to fraud and abuse. A portion of the funds recovered is returned to Ramsey County as an incentive.

Our unit also conducts criminal welfare fraud investigations into more generalized cases relating to theft by swindle, financial exploitation of vulnerable adults and unlawful practice of law.

Seniors can be at a great risk to become victims of fraud. Please refer to the County Attorney's Identifying and Preventing Financial Fraud PowerPoint for detailed information on how to protect yourself and your senior friends from financial fraud.

Our unit has been recognized in the news and by the County multiple times for their amazing recovery efforts:

A sampling of articles:

Recent awards:

  • The Ramsey County Public Service Award
  • The Ramsey County Attorney's Office Excellent Job Performance Award