Case Updates

Cases below include high public interest and select multiple-victim incidents in our community. To get an update on any case in Ramsey County, please visit the MNCIS website.

Current case updates

​General case information

Juvenile: All cases

  • Most juvenile information is confidential. The only cases open to the public are those in which someone age 16 or 17 has been charged with a felony offense or in which a juvenile has been certified to stand trial as an adult.
  • All juvenile cases are handled at the Juvenile & Family Justice Center (JFJC) located at 25 W. 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102.
  • To inquire about a juvenile case, contact either the JFJC at 651-266-5115 or the Ramsey County Attorney's Office at 651-266-3222.

Adult: Current cases

Adult: Closed cases

  • The Minnesota Judicial Branch offers the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access database, which allows searches by defendant name, case number, attorney and citation.
  • The Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS) offers an online database that contains records for closed criminal and civil cases for all of Minnesota. The Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote allows searches by defendant name, case number, attorney and citation.