Officer-Involved Incident Reviews

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Since 2016, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office has assumed the responsibility of reviewing investigations into any fatal officer-involved shooting in Ramsey County.

Generally, each incident review begins with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). As an independent fact finder, the BCA interviews witnesses and the people involved in an incident; collects, analyzes and reviews evidence; and conducts follow-up interviews as needed to ultimately gather all of the facts of a case. The BCA does not decide or determine the outcome of a case, nor does the law enforcement agency involved in an incident have any input regarding the investigative direction of the case. As it always does, the BCA presented its findings in this case without recommendation to the County Attorney.

After taking receipt of the investigative file from the BCA, the lead criminal staff for the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office review the case for charging consideration in accordance with applicable Minnesota law. Once a recommendation is made to the Ramsey County Attorney, the decision is formally accepted and communicated to the public.

Public case review memorandums released to the public since 2016:

Decision regarding Ronald Davis

Decision regarding William Hughes

Decision regarding Phumee Lee

Decision Regarding Cordale Handy

Decision regarding Castle Ahlbeck

Decision regarding Eugene Smith