COVID-19 Vaccine

The vaccine is not yet available for the general public.

  • While supply remains limited, Ramsey County is following federal and state guidelines to distribute the vaccine in phases to have the greatest impact and prevent further spread to those most at-risk.
  • Eventually, there will be enough vaccine for everyone.
  • The vaccine will be free.
  • No one will be required to get the vaccine by the government or public health.

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Ramsey County COVID-19 vaccine updates

COVID-19 vaccine distribution is changing quickly. Sign up for updates on who Ramsey County is vaccinating and opportunities to get the vaccine. This is for updates only. It is not for scheduling an appointment to get the vaccine.

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Minnesota Vaccine Connector

Minnesota's COVID-19 Vaccine Connector is available for all residents age 18 and older. Sign up to be notified when you become eligible to get the vaccine. If you are unable to sign up online, you can sign up over the phone. Insurance and identification are not needed and signing up is free.

Vaccine distribution by week

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health continues to vaccinate those in Phase 1a while also gradually moving into Phase 1b. Summary of vaccinations given by Public Health


COVID-19 vaccine planning is currently happening at federal, state and local levels of government. Learn more about COVID-19 phases and planning.

Vaccine distribution phases

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Minnesota community vaccination program

State of Minnesota community vaccination program

The community vaccine program operated by the State of Minnesota has no-barrier vaccination clinics across the state. Those who currently qualify for vaccination include adults 65+, child care workers, pre-k through 12 educators and school staff, and adult basic and community education instructors.

For general information about the State's community vaccination program:

If you are 65+

Contact your clinic or hospital

  • The State of Minnesota is shipping more vaccine to clinics and hospitals across the state for those aged 65 and over.
  • Contact your local health care provider to ask about getting the vaccine.
  • Use the Find My Vaccine tool.

Participate in the 65+ community vaccination program

The State of Minnesota uses a random selection process for appointments. If you are 65+ and not yet registered to be randomly selected to make an appointment, sign up for the Vaccine Connector.

  • Random selection continues. If you signed up for pre-registration and have not been notified, you are still on the list. You will again have the opportunity to be chosen to make an appointment for a vaccine at one of the community vaccination clinics (Minneapolis, Duluth, Rochester, Bloomington and Saint Paul).
  • If you have questions, call 833-431-2053.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Vaccine Clinic Program

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If you are an educator, school staff, or child care provider

Work with your employer to sign up for an appointment at one of the state-sponsored clinics.

  • No walk-ins.​
  • Schools prioritize employees based on face-to-face interaction with children.
  • Child care programs are randomly selected and will be notified by the State if vaccines are available.

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Vaccinations by Ramsey County

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health continues to vaccinate those in Phase 1a while also gradually moving into Phase 1b. Summary of vaccinations given by Public Health

Phase 1a

Ramsey County continues to vaccinate those in Phase 1a, which includes the following groups:

  • Healthcare personnel.
  • Hospital staff working with COVID-19 patients.
  • Staff in skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes.
  • Emergency medical services personnel who provide direct patient care.
  • COVID-19 testers and vaccinators.
  • Long-term care residents.

Individuals in these groups will be notified by their employers or facility where they live on how they will get the vaccine.

More information about Phase 1a

Additional vaccinations by the county

Ramsey County is gradually moving into vaccinating those in Phase 1b. With our current limited supply, we are focusing for now on educators and child care workers. The county is also focusing on reaching 65+ individuals from racially and ethnically diverse communities who have suffered disproportionately high rates of COVID-19 illness and death. We are working with several community partners in a variety of ways to reach these populations and to ensure they get vaccinated.

More information about Phase 1b

Who can get the vaccine next?

For a more details on who will be able to get the vaccine soon (including a general timeline), please visit the state of Minnesota’s website.

When can the general public get the vaccine?

The state of Minnesota anticipates the vaccine will be available to the general public by summer. The Biden-Harris administration is estimating there will be enough vaccine for all adults by the end of May. However, it will take time beyond that until everyone who wants to, is vaccinated. The general public will be able to get the vaccine from:

  • Health care providers.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Vaccine clinics operated by public health departments and community health centers.

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