Be Active! Be Green! Bench Initiative

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Be Active! Be Green! Bench at Lake McCarrons County Park

Active Living Ramsey Communities is working to install benches on trails and pedestrian corridors throughout Ramsey County in order to create a more walkable environment.

The goal of the Be Active! Be Green! Bench Initiative is to have benches placed often enough that when people sit on one bench, they're able to see the next one — with the thought that seniors, people with disabilities or small children can more easily make it to the next bench. Through a partnership with the Environmental Health Division of Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health, the benches are made from recycled plastic and promote recycling throughout the county.

Pilot projects for the program are located in the City of New Brighton and the Summit-University neighborhood of the City of Saint Paul.

Bench initiative grants

Interested in helping grow the Be Active! Be Green! Bench Initiative? Public entities, including cities, townships, school districts and watershed districts, are eligible to apply for a grant to add benches along a route in their community.

If the application is approved, Ramsey County will prepare a bench initiative contract with the entity and manage the initial order and payment of benches for the route.

Grantees are responsible for choosing the location of benches, address property issues and permitting, installing the benches and concrete pads, and the long-term maintenance and repair of benches.


Active Living Ramsey Communities will facilitate the placement of benches made of recycled materials in a series of corridors connecting destinations and creating loops throughout the county.


The Be Active! Be Green! Recycling Bench Initiative will help create a physically-active, friendly environment by facilitating pathways to health, which will especially help the elderly, people with physical disabilities and people with small children.


By the end of 2015:

  • Use the remaining dedicated funds to create pathways that promote physical activity by placing benches on trails, in parks. or on corridors that connect destinations.
  • Place benches throughout all geographic areas of Ramsey County.